Tibumana Waterfall Bali – A Complete Guide

The Tibumana Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls to visit in Bali and is located just a short ride away from Ubud. The waterfall is known for its fierce water stream and is often compared to a curtain. Although it feels very secluded and hidden in a scenic jungle area, Tibumana Waterfall can be reached within 10-minutes from the entrance. The Tibumana Waterfall is the perfect waterfall to take a swim, enjoy the surrounding nature and take some of your best shots during your Bali trip.

This complete guide covers all the info you need to visit this waterfall, from how to get there to best time to visit and what you can expect from a visit to the Tibumana Waterfall in Bali.

How to get to Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is located 15km East from Ubud. You can reach the waterfall by motorbike or car and takes about 30 minutes from Ubud and one hour from both Canggu area. There is plenty of space to either park your car or motor bike at the entrance of the waterfall.

Motorbikes can be rented from 50K IDR (€3,50 EUR) per day. However, if you’re not comfortable driving a motorbike you can also hire a driver for the day. Prices for hiring a driver usually start from 500K IDR (€35 EUR) for a day.

Tip! You can combine a trip to the Tibumana Waterfall with nearby waterfall Kanto Lampo. The waterfalls are separated approximately 5km and can be reached within 15 minutes from each other.

Opening hours & entrance fee Tibumana Waterfall

The opening hours to the Tibumana Waterfall are 6AM-6PM and is opened daily. If you come here before or after opening hours, you will still be able to enter the waterfall as there are no official gates.

The entrance fee to the Tibumana Waterfall is 15K IDR (€1 EUR) per person. Parking at the waterfall is free.

The entrance fee used to be 10K IDR but prices have increased in 2019 as it is becoming a more popular waterfall to visit. Nonetheless, it is still very cheap considering the grounds are well-maintained and you can have a refreshing swim (unlike some other, more expensive waterfalls in Bali).

Tibumana Waterfall Bali - A Complete Guide

Best time to visit Tibumana Waterfall

The best time to visit the waterfall is in the morning before 9AM. This way you will beat the crowds and have the best lighting to take photos at the waterfall. Later during the day the light can be quite harsh. It often gets busy after 11AM as most day trip visitors start arriving at the waterfall.

During the dry season (April – September) there’ll only be one large stream cascading down the hill at the Tibumana Waterfall. However, in the monsoon (October – March), the waterfall consists of two streams. Nonetheless I thought the waterfall was exceptionally impressive in August too.

What to expect

From the parking area it takes an easy 10-minute hike down to the waterfall. It will lead you through a green jungle area and a bamboo bridge before arriving at the waterfall.

Once arriving at the waterfall, you’ll first want to admire the beauty of this magical waterfall and its surroundings. You don’t often see that the stream of the waterfall looks this perfect in a straight and consistent line. Although the water pressure is quite strong, the sound of the waterfall is very serene and calm.

Tibumana Waterfall Bali - A Complete Guide

At the waterfall you’ll find plenty of space to drop your bags and have a swim. The temperature of the water is perfect for a refreshing swim. We were there at around 8AM and although there were a few other people, there was enough space for everyone to enjoy the waterfall and take some photos.

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